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Quack Attack

We have 3 very cute little baby pet ducks
come to join our family
Let me introduce Rocket, Nipper and Bramble,
at only 4 weeks old they are still waiting for their feathers to grow. I’m sure they will bring lots of Ooo’s and Aaahhh’s in the days ahead, we will keep you posted.

The tastebuds never forget

We all had a treat with tastes that took us back to our childhood memories of visits to the fair and seaside,
with delicious traditional candyfloss.
The sweet aroma drifted through our home
and created a very pleasant atmosphere, and there were one or two sticky faces too.

Teddy bears make you smile

A giant teddy was kindly donated by Maya Tomkins to all the residents here at Rose Lodge, he certainly brought lots of smiles to everybody’s faces.
Thank you Maya you have brightened everybody’s day.

*** 101 YEARS YOUNG ***

Wow, congratulations Peter on your 101st birthday,
what an incredible achievement.
We are all so proud of you,
you are an inspiration to us all.
Many happy returns and have a fantastic special day
from all of us at Rose Lodge 

Everybody is in rhythm

When you hear the music play it’s time to let your body sway.