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What’s your favourite hobby?

Every day there is always time for your favourite hobbies.

Painting, drawing, music or games, in fact we have an inexhaustible list and keep adding more all the time, our Tai-Chi sessions are a great hit at the moment, keep checking back here and we will post some photographs from our next session.


Trip to the pavilion

Marty Wilde and the Wildcats at Exmouth Pavilion.

We all had a great night listening to Marty Wilde at Exmouth’s Pavilion theatre, it was a brilliant night that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Tomorrow we are going to see Last night Of The Proms at the Pavilion,
We will post the photos soon..

All together now..

Time to sing along, everybody can join in.

We all love a good sing-a-long, and here at Rose Lodge we frequently have guest artistes as well as have our own group singing sessions. Some of our residents have fantastic voices.

Fingers and thumbs

Gentle Pamper time at Rose Lodge..

Just a manicure please.. not painted this time šŸ™‚


What comes first, the chicken or the egg?

Our chickens arrived before the egg.. but pure excitement at Rose Lodge now becauseĀ our chickens have laid their first eggs..