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Our weekend diary – Sunday

Well, that was some weekend with a perfect finish on Sunday. We had walks and spent time in the garden, we personalised new aprons sewing embellishments, we sorted out some laundry, we did lots of other things like read, do word searchers, play scrabble, do puzzles. The day was rounded off with another sport day and Dennis’s special take on egg and spoon race. 









Lucinda and Sybil

Sybil and Lucinda had special time together on Sunday culminating in watching nature documentaries. Sybil travelled across the world and loves nature books; Lucinda too travelled a lot (though on continents different to Sybil’s lol) and loves sharing her stories with Sybil.


Our weekend diary – Saturday

From walks in the lanes which brought big smiles on people faces, some gardening, cuddles with our guinea pigs, to Roger’s fabulous hat and perfect Saturday’s supper for Ted! Enjoy some of the postcards



From Shove Half Penny on the table, chopping veg for lunch, giving shoulder massage, cleaning a room, playing piano or reading a book to karaoke and sing-along. There is a lot that happens on winter days.



Clive looks very dapper in his hat