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Elfie and Margaret are famous!

A few of us sat down by ‘the wireless’ this morning to listen to the wonderful ‘Dot’s diary’ programme on BAY FM, Exmouth’s local radio station. The programme featured two of our residents. Elfie told stories about her life including growing up in Germany during the war. Margaret’s husband talked about the life he shared with Margaret who resides at Rose Lodge, and Margaret was mesmerised the moment she heard Barry’s voice on the radio..

It was wonderful for people to be able to hear these wonderful stories. Well Done Dot – and THANK YOU!

BAY FM transmitting two programmes recorded at Rose Lodge

A couple of weeks ago, BAY FM came to Rose Lodge to record stories by some of the Rose Lodge residents. The two programmes of Dot’s diary will be broadcast on FM (107.9) during the Exmouth festival week:

Thursday 26 May 10 am to 11 am – repeated Sunday 29 May 7 pm to 8 pm

Thursday 2n June 10 am to 11 am – repeated Sunday  4 June 7 pm to 8 pm

Why am I here ?

G is sitting on the terrace after lunch, enjoying this fine September day. He calls me over.


“Where am I ?          “You’re at Rose Lodge”

“What’s that ?”     “It’s a place where we look after people who are forgteful”

“And how long have I been here ?”     “Oh about a month” G looks puzzled

“I didn’t know”   “Yes you forgot – that’s why you are here – do you recognise me ?”

“Never seen you before”     “I have known you for a month now – I think you forget”. He nods

“I bet you remember what happened a long time ago”     “Yes I do”

“Can you remember what you had for lunch today ?”    “No idea – very strange”

I know it must be quite confusing – you wake up every day not knowing where you are”     “Yes very strange”

“So that is why you are here – because you forget”    He nods and smiles.    “OK”

Polished mahogany!

Chatting with F this afternoon, he mentioned he was confused by all the people in the room.

“You have trouble recognising their faces” ?

“Yes it is hard”

“You seem to recognise me “

He smiles.

“Polished mahogany” he says with a big smile (Too much allotment gardening has given me a good tan!)