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Spring has arrived?

After all the rain, a sunny warm day draws our gardeners for potting and general tidying up.

Nothing better than a cuppa with friends to finish the day’s work off.It is great to see now how the new garden design attracts more people outside.


All hands on deck today

Somehow today turned out to be a busy day with men sorting out new chairs, ladies gardening and discussing birds….


Messing about in the garden

Our pond got a bit overgrown with greenery and so we had a bit of a clear-up today. Residents Rene and Ruth did a great job – now we can see the fish again!







And the pupils of Beacon School came for their regular gardening visit today (unfortunately I cant show any photos of the children on this blog) and as before they did a fantastic job. They thinned out the salad vegetables that they had sown earlier this year, staked out tomatoes, weeded the vegetable bed, collected eggs from the chcickens, prepared soil, and planted out cabbages and beansprouts for later in the year. Phew!

Our veggie garden, maintained by Beacon School

A perfect finale to the week

Dozing off on in the sun on the terrace, listening to some live piano music.

Elfie and Margaret are famous!

A few of us sat down by ‘the wireless’ this morning to listen to the wonderful ‘Dot’s diary’ programme on BAY FM, Exmouth’s local radio station. The programme featured two of our residents. Elfie told stories about her life including growing up in Germany during the war. Margaret’s husband talked about the life he shared with Margaret who resides at Rose Lodge, and Margaret was mesmerised the moment she heard Barry’s voice on the radio..

It was wonderful for people to be able to hear these wonderful stories. Well Done Dot – and THANK YOU!