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Elfie and Margaret are famous!

A few of us sat down by ‘the wireless’ this morning to listen to the wonderful ‘Dot’s diary’ programme on BAY FM, Exmouth’s local radio station. The programme featured two of our residents. Elfie told stories about her life including growing up in Germany during the war. Margaret’s husband talked about the life he shared with Margaret who resides at Rose Lodge, and Margaret was mesmerised the moment she heard Barry’s voice on the radio..

It was wonderful for people to be able to hear these wonderful stories. Well Done Dot – and THANK YOU!

Evening outing to see the Shantymen

With one of the Shantymen - Actually she's a lady!

At the Manor Park in Exmouth this evening, one of the Exmouth Festival celebrations. A perfect couple of hours enjoying the music in the lovely Manor Gardens setting.

the Rose Lodge Ramblers ramble on….

Today we walked from Exmouth to Lympstone and back, with a lovely pot of tea at the Old Swan in Lympstone. The Beatufiful young woman is my wife Joanna who is the driving force behind the Rose Lodge Ramblers.


Our walking club is taking off….

Last week we started our walking club, in response to a couple of our recently joined residents who want to be more active and do ‘proper walks’. Last week’s walk was a 3-hour walk along the beach, tomorrow we plan to go walk by the Estuary towards Topsham.


This picture was from a shorter walk today to the beach. Even keen walkers need to rest some time…

Three little words….

Perhaps the word most associated with dementia is that of suffering. “Dementia Sufferers” is the phrase most commonly used in the press to describe people who live with dementia.The implication is that suffering is what defines dementia, that suffering is a necessary and continuous part of the condition.

We have known for some time that dementia is not defined by suffering, and that the physical and social environment that we create can help people to live well with dementia and minimise suffering. At Rose Lodge we talk a lot about well-being and using well-being as a measure of how well we support our residents.

We have been reluctant to use the H-word though. HAPPYNESS. It seems too much to aim for, too high a bar to set. Well-being Yes, living well with dementia Yes. But happiness ? Can people with dementia really be happy ? After all, how many of us can say they are happy for anything other than a fleeting moment ?

So nothing is more powerful and satisfying to us than to hear these simple words from the family of our residents, especially when they have struggled to find the right environment for them:

“He/she is happy”

We have heard those three magic words a couple of times times this week.

This week has been a good week.

Let’s start talking about happiness.