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Why am I here ?

G is sitting on the terrace after lunch, enjoying this fine September day. He calls me over.


“Where am I ?          “You’re at Rose Lodge”

“What’s that ?”     “It’s a place where we look after people who are forgteful”

“And how long have I been here ?”     “Oh about a month” G looks puzzled

“I didn’t know”   “Yes you forgot – that’s why you are here – do you recognise me ?”

“Never seen you before”     “I have known you for a month now – I think you forget”. He nods

“I bet you remember what happened a long time ago”     “Yes I do”

“Can you remember what you had for lunch today ?”    “No idea – very strange”

I know it must be quite confusing – you wake up every day not knowing where you are”     “Yes very strange”

“So that is why you are here – because you forget”    He nods and smiles.    “OK”

Our first resident committee meeting

 Over the past six months or so we have been increasingly involving our residents in day to day decisions about their live at Rose Lodge.

Today we took the next step by forming our residents committee. Seven residents agreed to join the committe and they held their first meeting this morning. They decided that they would like someone to mark up the Radio Times every week with their favourite TV programmes, and that they would like a cinema club and watch films, particularly Westerns and Musicals.

By listening to the residents and involving them in major decisions affecting their life at Rose Lodge, we are not only improving the experience of living at Rose Lodge at a practical level, but we are also helping to give residents an increased sense of purpose and of being in control of their lives.

We will be holding the committee meetings on a weekly basis for a while and review things after a few weeks. So far so good!