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How do you get 20 people to church ?

With a ot of  help!

Thank you Lynne, Pam, Angela, Corinne,Gemma, and especially Barry and the congregation of St John in the Wilderness for helping so many of the residents to enjoy the wonderful Carol Service today. Merry Christmas!

Thank you Exmouth Windows

We are really pleased with the service that Exmouth Windows has given us over the past few months as they help us to make Rose Lodge an even better place to live and work. Over the past couple of weeks they have installed a new window in the kitchen which brings a lot of light into the kitchen and also helps to keep the kitchen cool while keeping the flies and other nasties out. And we now have a door from our dining room onto the kitchen courtyard so that residents can use this areas next year (to potter and grow kitchen herbs, help hang up the washing, or just relax. Exmouth Windows have been responsive and courteous, and a pleasure to work with.