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Spring has arrived?

After all the rain, a sunny warm day draws our gardeners for potting and general tidying up.

Nothing better than a cuppa with friends to finish the day’s work off.It is great to see now how the new garden design attracts more people outside.


The second bathroom to roll off the production line….

This is the second bathroom refitted and redecorated this month by Ian the Builder.


Click here to find out why we are redecorating our bathrooms.

Redecorating our bathrooms

Our Manager Karen and Housekeeper Theresa have started the process of redecorating our toilets and bathrooms, or more correctly of supervising the redecorating!  Beyond the cosmetic impact of making the rooms more enjoyable to use, there is also a very serious one. Often in care homes the bathrooms look quite clinical and this can be very disorienting for people with dementia who can find it difficult to interpret their surroundings. By making our bathrooms more homely and recognisable, we are making it easier for our residents to remain independent and ease their confusing. Apparently the wall colour is called ‘Egyptian Cotton’!

The first of our newly redecorated toilets and bathrooms

New quiet lounge at Rose Lodge


Our newly completed quiet lounge

Today we completed our new quiet lounge. We now have a wonderful cosy room which will be a great place for residents to enjoy a quiet space, for residents to meet with their families and friends, and for ‘quiet’ activities such as our weekly religious service at Rose Lodge.

New Care office and resident library at Rose Lodge


Our new book case

We have just completed the new care office at the end of the lounge. This will help the manager stay in close touch with residents, relatives, staff, GPs etc and it also keeps the ‘work’ out of the lounge, so the lounge has become more domestic and comfortable for the residents.

As part of the refurbishment we have installed new book cases at eye height so that our books, CDs etc are easy at hand for the residents and staff.