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Indian Summer is here after all Friday and we celebrate it in one busy morning

We take good weather seriously – we go and get it on the seafront, on the terrace and in Budleigh Salterton with Ethne. How else?  


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Darts Farm here we come!

There is not a better place to spend a rainy morning than Darts Farm – ladies enjoying window shopping of all the things we will never need and gents assessing the fantastic array of local ales:) Some of us left with a shopping bag of course – and it was not a female!


Exmouth school joins our landshare project

We had the wonderful news today that the Beacon School in Exmouth has agreed to participate in our landshare project, and work with our residents to grow vegetables in our garden. So now we have to clear the land! The intention is that a group of pupils will start late summer when they go back to school, and work the garden regularly for a year, so they can learn about the complete cycle of vegetable growing. I can’t wait, this will be so much fun!

Our veggie garden