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Spring, Music, Julie and Enid

We know Spring arrived when we can have our music, choir etc outside. Tuesday piano music was fantastic.  Dance of course and a wonderful performance of piano music by Julie who comes to Rose Lodge on Tuesday. For once John could sit in the audience and enjoy. Enid, who joined recently loves being busy and enjoyed the sun on her face and gardening.


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Another gardening Tuesday and it is still cold out there!

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Christmas party special!!!

Saturday afternoon turned our home into a massive event venue. The famous Christmas party for residents, staff and relatives featuring music, singing and dance (we cannot have a party without dancing – so many people love it), Santa and Elf, pinata, Christmas Raffle and Christmas buffet and Mandy’s another beautiful Christmas Cake creation.  

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Express Yourself

Isn’t it great when you happen to be in a place where people live as  unique individuals,  it just feels good and natural to be together and we think of the people that surround us as friends? I think our community is just like that and was reminded of that again this afternoon. Take something seen frequently like live music, put it in Rose Lodge and you get something amazing and special – every session is different and one cannot predict how it will evolve as it depends on how everyone feels. Postcards from today say it all. John and the team create a wonderful atmosphere for everyone to enjoy these afternoons.



Halloween party – drama group

Today’s Halloween party was a success. Many thanks to everyone who came to support and enjoyed the party – Maslen, staff, residents and not forgetting cute Leia and Anthony. Even Karen dressed up and yes, we did manage to catch her on a camera; and yes we do have the proof right here! The party consisted on the drama group production, a mighty Halloween punch which disappeared within minutes, traditional games, music and dance. Enjoy….