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Christmas party special!!!

Saturday afternoon turned our home into a massive event venue. The famous Christmas party for residents, staff and relatives featuring music, singing and dance (we cannot have a party without dancing – so many people love it), Santa and Elf, pinata, Christmas Raffle and Christmas buffet and Mandy’s another beautiful Christmas Cake creation.  

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Christmas Panto

Another great production prepared entirely by the drama club. Enjoy!



Xmas Lights here we come

Following a busy morning with the choir, rabbits, books, foot massages, beauty salon, a group of 11 residents went on a coach to see Xmas lights. We left on a coach at 4pm and did not return until 7pm, Post trip survey from Ethel, Bert, Eileen, Sylvia, Clorin, June, Vera, Irene, Brian, Jean, Ethne told us that everyone enjoyed seeing the lights, sing-along and treats on the seafront in Budleigh and Exmouth.






We like to find opportunities to invite the community to Rose Lodge, so that our residents feel connected to the wider community and also so that the community can see what dementia care is about and perhaps change the negative image associated with dementia and dementia care. We firmly believe that dementia does not necessarily involve suffering, and we like people to see this for themselves.

This month we will have a photo exhibition of some of the things we have been up to the last year.

The public exhibition will be held on Saturday 18 December and Sunday 19 December, at 2p to 4 pm, and you are all very welcome!

This is also our Christmas celebration weekend and so it is also an opportunity to see how we celebrate special days at Rose Lodge