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On the terrace……

….in the evening sun. What could be more pleasant ? Harry called it ‘never never land’ just now, I guess because he is forever young.


What a show!

Rose Lodge residents were on stage this weekend for the second year running, as part of ‘Wish upon a star’ show directed by Maslen George. It was a fantastic show with contributions from the wide range of drama classes that Maslen runs for children and adults including people living with learning disabilities or dementia. This year many more of our residents were on stage compared to last year, performing individually, and together in a very jolly ‘London knees-up’. Personally I would rather put pins in my eyes than perform on stage so I have the greatest respect for anyone with the courage to perform in public, and to just have such riotous fun!

There are tremendous benefits to these kinds of events. It gives people who enjoy performing on stage the knowledge that they are making a contribution to their community. But it also makes us consider how we think about people with dementia. Perhaps they are not as vulnerable and dependent as we sometimes think. If they can do things that we would never do willingly, perhaps our respect grows and it makes us wonder what else they can do with a little support. The answer is just about anything.  I think we will draw the line at skydiving though.

On the other hand…WHY NOT?


Maslen has once again succeeded in putting together a wonderfully inclusive and pioneering  show, and we are very happy to be part of her happy drama family.

Elfie and Margaret are famous!

A few of us sat down by ‘the wireless’ this morning to listen to the wonderful ‘Dot’s diary’ programme on BAY FM, Exmouth’s local radio station. The programme featured two of our residents. Elfie told stories about her life including growing up in Germany during the war. Margaret’s husband talked about the life he shared with Margaret who resides at Rose Lodge, and Margaret was mesmerised the moment she heard Barry’s voice on the radio..

It was wonderful for people to be able to hear these wonderful stories. Well Done Dot – and THANK YOU!

Rose Lodge residents tell their stories on BAY FM

A couple of weeks ago, BAY FM came to Rose Lodge to record stories by some of the Rose Lodge residents. The first of the two programmes of Dot’s diary was broadcast today and will be repeated 29 May 7pm to 8 pm.  A second programme with stories from Rose Lodge residents will go out Thursday 2n June 10 am to 11 am , and is repeated Sunday  4 June 7 pm to 8 pm.

So today we sat in the lounge and listened to the Dot’s diaries programme, and then took a couple of our residents to visit the studios and watch a live radio programme.

BAY FM transmitting two programmes recorded at Rose Lodge

A couple of weeks ago, BAY FM came to Rose Lodge to record stories by some of the Rose Lodge residents. The two programmes of Dot’s diary will be broadcast on FM (107.9) during the Exmouth festival week:

Thursday 26 May 10 am to 11 am – repeated Sunday 29 May 7 pm to 8 pm

Thursday 2n June 10 am to 11 am – repeated Sunday  4 June 7 pm to 8 pm