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Why am I here ?

G is sitting on the terrace after lunch, enjoying this fine September day. He calls me over.


“Where am I ?          “You’re at Rose Lodge”

“What’s that ?”     “It’s a place where we look after people who are forgteful”

“And how long have I been here ?”     “Oh about a month” G looks puzzled

“I didn’t know”   “Yes you forgot – that’s why you are here – do you recognise me ?”

“Never seen you before”     “I have known you for a month now – I think you forget”. He nods

“I bet you remember what happened a long time ago”     “Yes I do”

“Can you remember what you had for lunch today ?”    “No idea – very strange”

I know it must be quite confusing – you wake up every day not knowing where you are”     “Yes very strange”

“So that is why you are here – because you forget”    He nods and smiles.    “OK”

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