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What can you see ?

Regular eye tests are vitally important for people with dementia, as poor and uncorrected eye sight can add to the level of confusion that someone experiences.

At Rose Lodge we have just appointed Visioncall to provide a regular eye test service for the residents. Our Manager Carol Brice RGN has worked with this company before and they provide an excellent service for people with dementia, as Vision Call themselves also operate dementia care homes themselves and so they have a lot of experience in this field.


One of their innovations is to have designed an alternative to the ‘eye ball pressure test’ which can be particularly distressing and disorienting for people with dementia.

Vision call spent a whole day with our residents today and we found them to be very patient and supportive to our residents. We like the fact that they do an eye health check as well as working out the correct prescription for glasses. And they engrave all the spectacles witht the resident’s name and their purpose (“reading”) which is a big help in making sure everyone wears their own glasses. This can be a problem in dementia care homes where various objects can get ‘redistibuted’ due to resident’s disorientation and forgetfulness.

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