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…Those actors from Rose Lodge….

There was a retired professional actor in the audience at the theatre shows this weekend. After the show the approached the organiser Maslen George. “I am organising a little theatre tour and I wonder if those actors from Rose Lodge would like to join me on the tour”.   

Comments like these invite us to see our residents in a different light. We are so used to ‘caring for’ our residents that we have to remind ourselves sometimes of the wonderful talents that they have. I certainly would be terrified of going on stage, and watching them do this so confidently was an incredible experience. 

One Response to “…Those actors from Rose Lodge….”

  • Maz:

    Ive worked as a professional actress for over 20 years now but i have to say being on stage with Bert and June and then with other people from roselodge in the sing-a-long will be a treasured memory.

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