The world of country life……

Everyone enjoyed a day trip out to the world of country life to see the old fashion cars and bikes. That is not an obvious location of a great collection of beautiful working classic beauties. Do you now that Mr Selfridge and Downtown Abbey both featured cars from our modest Exmouth museum? 

Today’s trip was another opportunity to see little snippets how we all live together. From Jamie’s note included in the lunch box, to people helping others regardless of their ‘title’, to being part of the team.

Jamie,  everyone loved your picnic lunch, including Ethel who could not have enough of corn beef, fruit and scones and Gerry munching one after anther of ham&cheese and egg.

Harry and Dennis – thank you for carrying the lunch box. Betty, wherever you go, smoker’s corner goes too 😀 Rene, thank you for helping Enid and Doreen. Claire clearly enjoyed the company of her friend Jasmine. Chanda cannot stop singing. Ash could not stop checking that everyone was comfortable and head enough drink and food, put smiles on all faces and could not help herself from joining Betty’s smoking corner 😀

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