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The last Landshare day of the season

How time flies! Today was the last of our regular landshare days when a group of pupils from the Beacon School came to grow vegetables and flowers with the residents. It has been a tremendously enjoyable and beneficial experience for our residents (and i believe for the children!). The residents are taking a great interest in the work of the children and a pattern has emerged where the residents do seeding and potting up, and the pupils do the rest. And what a great job they have done, just have a look!

Today they built a bean-pole ‘wigwam’ and planted bean plants, they raked seedbeds and sowed four vegetables, cleared out the chicken run, harvested the endive in the raised beds and sowed salad vegetables. Ah and they harvested rhubard for the rhubarb crumble, and collected eggs from the hen house.


Did it put smiles on faces ? You bet it did!

Spot the fresh eggs!

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