The games room is now open for business

A lot of work has been put by Wim to transform our old ‘quiet lounge’ into a small but perfectly formed, quiet games room (thank you Wim!). Equipped with settees, darts board and car posters it allows our in-house dart players to facilitate dart games. It looks like we will have another competition to add to our programme!

The room is also home to our ‘shop’ run by Karen and it allows residents and staff to purchase small snacks.

35-1 jan 2013 games room7 34-1 jan 2013 games room6 33-1 jan 2013 games room5 32-1 jan 2013 games room4 31-1 jan 2013 games room3 30-1 jan 2013 games room2 29-1 jan 2013 games room 36-1 jan 2013 games room8 



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