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Time to wrap up warm for the walks!

Another great walk which Pam really enjoyed, just as well there are hats and scarves around! And perfect timing returning in time for the choir with Naomi

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Geoff, Tinker and the beach

Fresh and enjoyable despite the chill trip to the beach – with Tinker of course!

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Indian Summer continues

Enjoyed during our daily walks. Philip and Eileen love the walks and the sunshine!


Clare’s flowers

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Welcome Elsie

Elsie was born in the Pennines, loves walking and joined our ramblers this afternoon. We watched training exercises at the life boat station, seagulls fighting over a large piece of french bread and for the first time were blown back to the car by an in creakingly colder wind. Still, as Elsie said ‘a bit of cold is healthy’  😀

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