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2013 Garden Games Season is Open

We just could not sit inside this afternoon with the sun shining, no wind and spring in the air! Instead we decided to open our garden games season. While the lawn is far too wet for lawn bowls we had a good game of skittles on the terrace organised by Chris. Excellent scores from Doreen, Joy, Bob (who came today for the first time) and of course Chris. Meanwhile Ethel and I inspected the raised beds and I noted carefully Ethel’s advice on the geraniums that survived Christmas. Everyone went down to the lower garden to check the veg raised beds, our fruit shrubs covered with buds and herbs. Bliss! Ah, yes – gardening season is fast approaching  🙄

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Ladies vs Gents 1:2

Yesterday Dennis suggested ladies vs gents bowls game (some of us are competitive). Ladies put on a fantastic game and it was very close indeed. I am not that happy to say that gents won. Secret practice sessions are perhaps needed…….. A mug of tea afterwards was all everyone needed.


And the winner is…..

Our first Annual Lawn Bowls Competition came to an end today on Thursday – and what a wonderful day this was leaving quite a few faces tanned 😀  This was an exciting and surprising competition. Firstly, apart from Karen all other staff lost against residents in the heats!!! As Dennis said, having just scored another ‘bullseye’, practice makes perfect!  

Ladies proved to be great opponents to our gents with Clare claiming the second place 😀

Prizes were awarded just before tea – chocolates and certificates for everyone with a trophy for the winner which will be passed on next year.

And so….. the finalists are:

Dennis – the winner, Clare – 1st runner up, Doreen – 2nd runner up, Rene – 3rd runner up.

Congratulations everyone! May be next year we will add another sport?


Rose Lodge 2012 Lawn Bowls Competition

As bowling (Oop sorry – Lawn Bowls!) became such a popular sport at Rose Lodge this year, we are staging this week our first annual Lawn Bowls competition.

All in all we had 14 people who entered the competition – staff (yes, Karen 😀 ) and residents.

Tuesday saw our heats and the winners went on to play today in the quarter finals. Clearly practice makes perfect as all staff lost against the residents! The semi finals and finals will take place tomorrow (Thursday)

So far the results are:

Quarter Finals: Dennis vs Joy 2:1; Rene vs Harry 2:1; Karen vs Clare 1:2; Doreen vs Brian (still to be played)

Heats: Dennis vs Peter 2:1; Rene vs Karen 1:2; Harry vs Jo 2:1; Doreen vs Gavin 2:1; Joy vs Meg 2:1; Clare vs Joanna 2:1, Brian vs Tom 2:1

Congratulations to Dennis, Rene, Clare who are going through to semi-finals together with either Doreen or Brian once they play their match.



Fitness craze continues

Our recently added fitness class run by Mic from ‘Commando Concepts’ has been a great success. Although aimed at men, it is also attended by Meg, Joy, Sylvia and Doreen.

What makes it a success? For men it is the male company and the challenge of exercises which would be hard for ladies to do. Mic also creates a fun environment – there is the male banter, the challenge (today Dennis was using the heaviest of the weights we have had so far) and the bonding. Mic told us that we are by far the fittest out of his other groups  😀 With yoga and summer sports (bowling) we will be getting fitter!