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Birds of a feather …. ?

our early morning walks tend to attract Dennis, Reg, Harry, Rene, John and Gerry. A quick trip to the beach regardless of the wind is favoured


Relationships and the bigger world

Having a friend one can rely on and being able to share special moments together – anything else?

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A rose between the thorns…

or, according to Rene, the beauty and the 7 dwarfs during today’s lunch

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Betty and Clorin

Betty’s passions – Simbad, shopping, clothes, looking perfect – always, cigarettes, pottering around the patio when it feels right and friends. Clorin loves her cuppa which must be properly brewed, served hot and with good biscuits. Clorin and Betty went to town today – Clorin for a cuppa with a cake and Betty to get some treats for Simbad.

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Work time?

Early morning is a good time for bunny to enjoy warm summer air, Joyce’s love and carrots  😀 Ann gets her two out of five a day lettuces and so do the chicken. When done, it is time for a rest under the cedar tree with Harry.

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