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Not really that serious!

A great turn-out to the special ‘Singing for the brain’ Christmas event at Brixington Church today, with six residents joining in. It was a lovely sociable afternoon and not at all as serious as this picture would suggest!

What would we do without our Rosemobile ?

It is getting used pretty well every day, what with outings and providing transport to our day care residents. This picture is from an outing today to the local ‘Singing for the brain’ sining circle. Rita and Elfie both love to sing and enjoy this weekly outing tremendously.

Outing to ‘Singing for the brain’

The Alzheimer’s Society has for some time run their ‘Singing for the brain’ clubs in various parts of the country, and fortunately they have launched one in Exmouth this month. A couple of our residents joined in today and had a great time. We will make this a weekly outing for those residents that enjoy a good singalong.

The ‘Singing for the brain’ is held every Wednesday from 2 pm to 4 pm at  the Brixington Community Church Hall, Churchill Road, Exmouth. For further details contact Paul King on 01278 663 760.