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Is this Naomi’s time?

What a wonderful choir session with Naomi. The singing voices carries across the building and when I popped in everyone had a wonderful time.

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Singing Friday

Friday’s choir repertoire is growing with new beautiful songs introduced by Chanda and liked by everyone. With some stand up comedy acts in between this was another great afternoon. The choir and the drama group received an invitation from Maslen to perform in the Blackmore Theatre as in the previous years! We will post the details once set in stone.

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A very lively choir

Everyone welcomed the choir today after the festive period with great voices and ever greater humour! Ian joined the choir today for the first time and gave it thumbs up.

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The choir welcomes Clorin

Clorin has a lovely voice and enjoys music, and it has taken her about a year of listening to the choir practice before she decided it was good enough to join the team!

Welcome Clorin! The love of music extended when Clorin decided yesterday to go to the Singing for the Brain which she enjoyed tremendously!

We took today’s choir practice on the smaller terrace taking the advantage of the summer. It was hot in the sun!

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Music together

Tuesday live music and singing sessions are popular with most people and also families/friends spending time together while singing. Today we had another wonderful afternoon with some great voices from Bert, Claire, Harry and John. Eileen simply loves the piano …..

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