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Cats adoration society

Auntie Kay and auntie Betty fussing over Kenny

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And the one became three……

chickens that is. Our single lonely hen now has two other mates. Chris brought them in on Thursday. The first few days were all about establishing the pecking order and now all three are friends and laying eggs!




An exact, serious business lady, always looking smart, dry sense of humour, always busy with her paperwork and also loving the kittens. It was lovely to have Phillipa join us for lunch  outside and watch her and the mischievous kitten.


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Us and the pets

Ethne and Archie like one another. This afternoon when catching sun before supper with Archie napping on her lap, Ethne talked about Siamese cats and their superior intelligence. To the delight of Joyce, the rabbit lover.

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And today’s entertainment is provide by Kenny, Ernie and Gavin

Or is it Freddie (Mercury) and John (Harrison)? Apparently the kittens have two names 😀

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