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Our popular choir under the direction of Naomi

We had a very en joy able choir session today learning new songs and enjoying others company. It was wonderful to see Gerry enjoying the choir as well and the company of Tracy and Gavin. The choir meets on Fridays at 2.15pm

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Musical Waves in the Indian Autumn Air

The effect of the physical setting (garden, terrace, pond, water, colours, sunshine, shade, own space, coffee, cake, friends, family) and that of sang music on a lot of people continues to amaze us. This afternoon was no different. Tom assumed the position of the lead singer next to Bruce and Claire sang beautifully with her strong and perfect voice. Friends and family joined too! Ethne loves the warmth of the sun, the atmosphere and the music.

Perfect day combined with blackberry picking trips, walks, reading library books, hanging washing, coffee and cake on the terrace…………

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Sunshine Music and Musical Quiz

Another great live music with John today. What a wonderful afternoon we had enjoying the music in the sun and cooling ourselves down with ice lollies. We secretly hope for Indian Summer  😀  

Again, we were surprised by the depth of musical knowledge from Gerry and Kay while John gave us a quick musical quiz! Kay and Gerry put us to shame!

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What a choir

Fantastic turnout for the choir today with great voices! Even our harsh critic Clorin agreed the choir is getting better 😀 The audience enjoyed the sing-along and the sound.

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The power of singing and Chanda

Our thursday’s choir practice had another great turnout and it was great to see people joining in that do not regularly sing in the choir. Claire and Bob loved the sound of the choir and the could not resist joining in 😀 Chanda’s energy, humour and charisma is irresistible. Thank you Chanda! And after an hour of singing in the sunshine lunch under cool pergola was another opportunity to discuss food, travelling and the choir’s performance in September.

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