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The bowling Club Welcomes John and Peter

Today, the bowling club welcomed officially John and Peter. Peter drew with Reg and John won against Sylvia. Both John and Peter who joined our social club enjoyed the game and the company of Gerry, Rene, Harry, Dennis, Gerry and Reg and continued over lunch on the upper terrace with a glass of beer shandy! Thanks to John our garden got a shower of well needed water

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Keeping fit and having fun in the sunshine

Great fitness session today with Mick. Boxing is still the most favourite part of the afternoon 😀  Today gentlemen allowed me to join in with boxing. Great fun! After that, only coffee and relaxing to the sounds of sweet music would do!

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Monday postcards

How knows how to make a swan napkin, drama club (12 people!), pottering around the garden and bowling of course. Dennis has a great competitor behind his back – Garry is getting practice having not played for a while!

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Finally a day of sunshine

And we spent the day outside – choir practice in the morning, enjoying the sun after lunch and a late afternoon game of lawn bowls. Today’s results are:

Gerry vs Harry – Draw

Joy vs Syvlia – Draw

Dennis vs Joanna …………. yes, yes Dennis won again  😥


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