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The bowling Club Welcomes John and Peter

Today, the bowling club welcomed officially John and Peter. Peter drew with Reg and John won against Sylvia. Both John and Peter who joined our social club enjoyed the game and the company of Gerry, Rene, Harry, Dennis, Gerry and Reg and continued over lunch on the upper terrace with a glass of beer shandy! Thanks to John our garden got a shower of well needed water

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Cold and rainy morning……

does not necessarily mean we have nothing to do. Reading, crosswords, Boogle (word game), Puzzles and shuffleboard. And for those looking for more there was still the fitness class with Mick 😀

The two questions to be answered are: which is the better way of ‘shoving’ discs in shuffleboard – flicking with fingers or shoving with your hand? Is this merely a game of luck or skill? Rene and Reg could not agree today. Today’s results were Reg won against Rene and Joanna, Rene won against Meg, and Meg won against Joanna.

Harry and Dennis got completely engrossed in Boogle which they first started playing with Gemma and continued for a good while on their own. 

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Our new puzzles

Eileen is amongst other people who enjoy the new puzzles. Why so? It is the image, the chat and stories around the image, the laughs and seeing the picture complete. With the choice of 15,24 and 35 pieces our puzzles can satisfy different levels of challenge. untitled event - 09


Summer Treatment Rose Lodge Style

Starting with morning coffee and finishing with 4 o’clock coffee our summer days are irresistible! An active morning of crosswords, reading and bowling. An Italian style, 2hour long, lunch under the pergola. And finally an afternoon enjoying the sun, the sounds of the summer and the company.

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Stand Up Comedy or Pub Quiz

A bit of both, as you would expect. Rene should have his own show

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