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Do we really need to recruit staff from far-away places ?


The Rose Lodge staff team

I watched a news item on the local news last night which talked about a number of care homes in Devon challenging the government’s recently imposed cap on immigrants, in relation to care home staffing. They made the claim that ‘withouth foreign staff it would be impossible to care for our residents’

We beg to disagree.

Being a dementia care home, good communication is incredibly important to the well-being of our residents. Since many of our  residents have reduced communication and comprehension skills, it is even more important that our staff have good communication skills by way of compensation. Good communication can really help to reduced the suffering that is commonly (and erroneously) associated with dementia. 

In our recruitment we put communication skills very high on our list, and while recruiting local staff can be more difficult than shipping in a team of  foreign workers, we believe the benefits far outweigh the additional cost.

It is simply not true that local people do not want to work in care. On the contrary we are finding no shortage of people that want to come and work at Rose Lodge. The simple fact is this: an environment where residents can achieve a high level of well-being is also an environment where care staff feel they can make a genuine difference to people’s lives. In other words a happy home is one where local staff will want to work. Not only that, but local staff typically have a long term interest and history in the community that they live in, and it is one of the many ways in which a care home can truly be part of the local community that it serves.

We are very proud that we recruit, train, and develop staff from our local area, and we will will continue to do so going forward. Just to be clear, this is most definately NOT about race or nationality, it is about employing people from the local community regardless of race or nationality.