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Fitness Craze with Mark

Fitness with Mark is getting everyone excited including staff. His enthusiasm is infectious to the point that we now have people joining for the first time in many months. I can report that Geoffrey, Peter and Val are in that group and enjoy the sessions. Well done Mark!

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Beware – boxing in progress!

We welcome Mark our new fitness instructor who started the new season with an explosion of boxing. So much energy, fun and a even some exercise! Everyone had a fab time

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The spiders are out

and appear to be everywhere even mid air. And Reg is getting fitter by the day!


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Fitness Rose Lodge Style

Fitness is important to us all, as is the opportunity for a social gathering and a good laugh. Bettie scores high on the last one! Even Phil could not resist it!

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Monday’s Busy Mornings

With the brilliant weather, we too took a “mañana” attitude to daily chores, like cleaning rabbit and chicken sheds. This morning was a good time to catch up with the chores. John, James, Gerry and Phillipa worked hard while the rest of us worked hard on getting fit for the summer!

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