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Boxing – are you serious>!

Oh yes! and why not! Enjoyed by men as you can see and also ladies. Our fitness sessions are cool!

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Mick’s classes are going from strength to strength

Today 13 people joined the class! From weights, through boxing to legs and arms….

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Building up the suntan while working out

Sounds perfect, don’t you think. Today was the first time we took our fitness class outside. Everyone said this is so much nicer to do this outside! Let us hope there will be more sunshine….

IMG_2640 IMG_2639 IMG_2637 IMG_2633 IMG_2631 IMG_2630






the best class in town

Mick has been working with our fitness enthusiasts for over a year now and he often says we are the best class he has in terms fitness, strength and of course enthusiasm. Twice a week between 7-12 people join the class. The core fitness fanatics are of Kay, Betty, Harry, Dennis, Rene, Reg, John and Meg and they have been joined recently by Ron. Stiff joints or not they get together twice a week to stretch, have fun and stay fit!  Just in case anyone thinks this is easy going chair exercise – the exercises are no different to those Mick has in his other classes with younger people and our residents tend to be fitter and more flexible than our staff!

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3 hours in the life of the garden

Our living spaces work so well as we keep on improving them or their use. The beauty salon is such a success, the lounge feels homely and at the same time vibrant and active, and the garden is an extension of our indoors. With good weather we seem to be living there. The range of different spaces our garden offers, together with the different products for active living and the social environment make it a wonderful space which continues to delight all of us. From quiet time on your own reading, snoozing or watching the world go by, to taking a stroll, playing games, socialising and debating, listening to music, working out, gardening and working, lunching and drinking tea/coffee, entertaining friends and family…….. we can keep going on. Starting in the morning the garden takes us through to the evening allowing different people to enjoy it in their own way at the same time. In the words of Kay – an elegant living.

These postcards of “The afternoon in the life of the garden” were taken this afternoon after lunch (in the garden of course!).

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