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Better late than never…

I had some fun putting together pictures from recent events in a little sequence.

The first of the summer wine ?

The Rose Lodge Ramblers were out in force today and the weather was fantastic. We’ve all got a little bit stiffer over the winter months so we resolved to get back into the habit of walking every week come rain or shine. We did get a few surprised looks as we walked down the esplanade making jokes and singing songs. Mischief is so exhilarating!


com·pas·sion  (km-pshn)n. Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.

Also known as ‘being a gentleman’! (On the ramble today)

After the December parties….

….it is great to get back to normal………dancing of course!

Merry Christmas!

From all the residents and staff at rose Lodge.

It was wonderful to see so many family joining us today – thank you 1