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The official (?) St George’s at drama club and new hairstyles

Apparently, the official St George’s is today as one does not celebrate a saint’s day over Easter. We did not know that and celebrated St George’s on 23rd. As a result we had today another St Goerge’s celebration drama club style. And while we did that, ladies showed off their amazing hair after morning sessions in the beauty salon.

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Welcome Elsie

Elsie quickly settled, started making friends and joined all the activities she enjoys. Walking, weeding (Elsie volunteered to be the “weeder” and join a months others the “digger” – Harry, “the painter” – Ron, “the animal officer” – Dennis), and today the drama club. 

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We love our drama club!

This is always a well attended event and today there were 14 people who joined the club and then there was the audience  😀 With a Halloween theme, Rene gave a scary act!

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Drama Club……..

The well attended Drama Club has adopted recently a theme of people selecting a name for themselves ideally starting with the letter of their name and today we continued with the team’s creativity. Also, there has been  ‘A positive Thought for the Week Ahead’ . We noted them again.  They speak for themselves.

drama club members

drama club



Drama club?

Our drama club is very popular in our community. Some come to listen to beautifully read poetry and prose, some to read to others. Today the club met on the terrace enjoying the sun and the freedom to listen to others reading while looking after the garden. We stayed on outside for afternoon coffee and a quick game of bowls.

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