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Just Living

And enjoying it along the way

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Don’t you just love watching men at work

Gerry loves maintenance work and enjoys working with Jay. The shed they stared painting recently is now finished!

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Our new puzzles

Eileen is amongst other people who enjoy the new puzzles. Why so? It is the image, the chat and stories around the image, the laughs and seeing the picture complete. With the choice of 15,24 and 35 pieces our puzzles can satisfy different levels of challenge. untitled event - 09


And the two became 12…..

Enid and Sylvia settled on the terrace after the walk and soon the place filled up. After a while the blankets came off and so did the coats. Morning coffee, newspapers, chat and music followed by lunch. As one does on a sunny day.

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Even a short stroll can turn out to be a surprising encounter

A lovely, however, fresh morning meant walk for those who dare cool sea breezes. And just like on other occasions even the shortest stroll can turn out to be a surprise. Today it was meeting Gavin and his beautiful blue-eyed boy. Pictures say it all.

Gavin,  you should remember from the terrace today that Thomas now has an army of aunties and uncles happy to push the buggy and spoil him  😀

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