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Is this another Xmas event?

One would have thought so…. No, just another sociable, relaxed and still busy morning at the Lodge

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Easter Fever Part 1

Ethel. Rene, Harry and Betty started this off yesterday. Today more people continued to express their creativity with amazing results – Gerry, Elsie, Chris, Joy, Meg and Eileen. Look at the blog tomorrow for more 😀 .

Ethel, Key, Elsie and Ethne did simply beautiful Easter table arrangements which brighten the tables and bring smiles, spring, easter into the dining room.

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Even a short stroll can turn out to be a surprising encounter

A lovely, however, fresh morning meant walk for those who dare cool sea breezes. And just like on other occasions even the shortest stroll can turn out to be a surprise. Today it was meeting Gavin and his beautiful blue-eyed boy. Pictures say it all.

Gavin,  you should remember from the terrace today that Thomas now has an army of aunties and uncles happy to push the buggy and spoil him  😀

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Living together

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Fitting into community living

Anyone can their own way of being part of our community. From drawing curtains at the end of the day, laying tables, folding napkins, cleaning the terrace or looking after animals. Joyce felt at home straight away and fills her Mondays with looking after the rabbits, garden and drama club.

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