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And the one became three……

chickens that is. Our single lonely hen now has two other mates. Chris brought them in on Thursday. The first few days were all about establishing the pecking order and now all three are friends and laying eggs!


Monday’s Busy Mornings

With the brilliant weather, we too took a “mañana” attitude to daily chores, like cleaning rabbit and chicken sheds. This morning was a good time to catch up with the chores. John, James, Gerry and Phillipa worked hard while the rest of us worked hard on getting fit for the summer!

IMG_0421 IMG_0425  IMG_0433 IMG_0432  IMG_0431 IMG_0430 IMG_0429

If the chickens can’t get to the grass…..

The grass will have to come to the chickens. They loved it!

We have eggs – finally!

A couple of days ago we put a roof over our hen run so we can stop them from free-ranging all the time and digging up our flower and vegetable beds. And, miracle of miracles – today there were 6 beautifully speckled dark brown eggs! I guess that means that both Phyllis and Bright-eyes have been quite productive over the weekend. Strangely enough, they are laying them behind the actual hen-house, rather than inside the hen-house. But we are one step closer to a pair of well-mannered hens….

Unfortunately the egss got eaten before I could take a picture of them – so here’s a picture of our hens in their newly roofed hen-run:

Free-ranging no more!