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Just checking you are OK Enid

Caring for your friends is something that just happens even when you are singing and listening to live music. 

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Making the home feel colourful

New pictures in the dinning room add interest to this constantly used space (there is something to talk about over a meal or coffee, there is always something that will catch your eye and start a conversation) and colour. Nothing replaces, however, the look and feel of tables decorated with flowers we pick ourselves during a walk and then arrange ourselves afterwards. Enid was sharing with us the rules for flower arranging. There is always something one can learn from one another. Gerry was a true gentleman and a friend looking after Enid during our walk and pushing the chair.

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Helping hands

The desire to help others does not discriminate. And it will present itself across all boundaries.
Today Rene took care when someone else felt lost by spending quiet time in the garden, John was a gentleman when walking with Joy, and then with Harry made sure Kay was safe when they took to the sun.

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You got a friend in me

Caring does not come with job descriptions. When you really look here, you will see endless examples of caring after a neighbour, a friend or a stranger in the street.

Feeling useful and needed, closeness, friendship and feeling part of a bigger family. For Rene today, it was a gift of kindness and a response to being a gentleman; for Enid, who despite the fact that she recently decided that it is time for her to stop working, it is, I guess, a part of who she is – the need to be busy. This reminds me of my grandma who continued to work until her mid seventies. For Reg it is a feeling of connection with people and the need to show them he cares.

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Wind, Lilac and the best view in town

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