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Anyone for bowling?

Oh yes! What else should we be doing when the weather is calling us?

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Busy morning with bowling

Bowling  is difficult to resist especially when organised by Tracy. The game got bigger as quite a few people joined in. Tom loved it! Keep it up!

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Summer Relaxation

Catching up with the news over coffee under the pergola, spending time with Tinka, enjoying a game of bowls and a quick quiz.

Kay, Betty and John had some great games today with wins even against Dennis! Congratulations  😆

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Rose Lodge 2012 Lawn Bowls Competition

As bowling (Oop sorry – Lawn Bowls!) became such a popular sport at Rose Lodge this year, we are staging this week our first annual Lawn Bowls competition.

All in all we had 14 people who entered the competition – staff (yes, Karen 😀 ) and residents.

Tuesday saw our heats and the winners went on to play today in the quarter finals. Clearly practice makes perfect as all staff lost against the residents! The semi finals and finals will take place tomorrow (Thursday)

So far the results are:

Quarter Finals: Dennis vs Joy 2:1; Rene vs Harry 2:1; Karen vs Clare 1:2; Doreen vs Brian (still to be played)

Heats: Dennis vs Peter 2:1; Rene vs Karen 1:2; Harry vs Jo 2:1; Doreen vs Gavin 2:1; Joy vs Meg 2:1; Clare vs Joanna 2:1, Brian vs Tom 2:1

Congratulations to Dennis, Rene, Clare who are going through to semi-finals together with either Doreen or Brian once they play their match.



Bowling is alive and kicking…

Our bowling club continues to be popular and the numbers are growing. 

We now have 10 players, the club is inclusive and that includes allowing all ball ‘throwing’ styles!