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Who does not like being pampered?

At Rose Lodge gender plays no part. With Annabel on Mondays, and Clare on Tuesdays and Thursdays there is plenty of opportunities for a pampering session. Dennis loves his foot massage from Clare, Betty is always Annabel’s and Clare’s first customer followed by Kay. I feel jealous 😀

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The official (?) St George’s at drama club and new hairstyles

Apparently, the official St George’s is today as one does not celebrate a saint’s day over Easter. We did not know that and celebrated St George’s on 23rd. As a result we had today another St Goerge’s celebration drama club style. And while we did that, ladies showed off their amazing hair after morning sessions in the beauty salon.

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The magic of a beauty salon visit to Annabel

Us women know the magic of a new haircut or a new hair colour – it makes you feel good and beautiful. Ethne loves her smart haircut and went on to enjoy listening to the read prose and poetry during the drama club on the terrace. Doreen emerged this afternoon with amazing new colour feeling great – the smile says it all. Thank you Anabel 😀

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