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Oh no – it is really almost Christmas

Christmas decorating session already in progress. Cannot wait to see what we will have….. It looks fun!

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Art and I – Part 1

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Exmouth Art Group Exhibition take 3

😉 One of our last trips to the exhibition and we are being recognised. Today we were the first to arrive at 10am. Both Ethne and Joy enjoyed this. 



Rose Lodge supporting Exmouth Art Group Exhibition

There is no better opportunity to engage with community than supporting local events such as Exmouth Art Group Exhibition. So far about 10 residents went to Elizabeth Hall. We still have 2 days left to get more people to enjoy this great event. So far everyone enjoyed it. Shots taken from the trip this week say it all:)





Artist in residence week at Rose Lodge


Anna Maria Marzec-Smith at Rose Lodge, Exmouth

Anamaria at Rose Lodge

The appreciation of beauty in all its shapes and forms is something that remains with people well into the later stages of dementia.

We have already incorporated this insight into our regular activities programme, and this week we are pushing the boat out a little further with our ‘Artist in residence’ week.


Anamaria Marzec-Smith, a young art student at Leeds Art College (you know the one that Damien Hirst went to) has been living with us and producing art around a theme of ‘the face of dementia’.


Anamaria created a couple of abstract paintings before she stayed at Rose Lodge, and these now have pride of place in our music room (We called this the quiet lounge before but with a 70’s organ in the room that has become a bit of a misnomer!)


Anna's painting in music room

Anamaria's painting in music room


Anna's painting in Music Room

Anamaria's painting in Music Room

We will post some more pictures of her work at Rose Lodge next week.