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Daily check of the garden

If you come to us often you noticed by now that Ron is in the garden everyday – looking after the animals, plants and fish and getting his hands dirty helping out. I cannot image the garden without Ron!


Keeping busy in the garden

…. pottering and looking after the animals. Today chickens and the rabbit had their ‘home’ cleaned out and made fit for the king. Reg made sure that everyone including doves have food and fresh water. What a team! 

IMG_0856 IMG_0855


Monday’s Busy Mornings

With the brilliant weather, we too took a “mañana” attitude to daily chores, like cleaning rabbit and chicken sheds. This morning was a good time to catch up with the chores. John, James, Gerry and Phillipa worked hard while the rest of us worked hard on getting fit for the summer!

IMG_0421 IMG_0425  IMG_0433 IMG_0432  IMG_0431 IMG_0430 IMG_0429

Us and the pets

Ethne and Archie like one another. This afternoon when catching sun before supper with Archie napping on her lap, Ethne talked about Siamese cats and their superior intelligence. To the delight of Joyce, the rabbit lover.

20130729-185853.jpg  20130729-185907.jpg 20130729-185741.jpg 20130729-185939.jpg

Work time?

Early morning is a good time for bunny to enjoy warm summer air, Joyce’s love and carrots  😀 Ann gets her two out of five a day lettuces and so do the chicken. When done, it is time for a rest under the cedar tree with Harry.

DSC_0377 DSC_0376 DSC_0368