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What is the secret of Ladies Team high scores?

Tim believes he discovered the secret of our Ladies Skittle players. Cannot wait till next time. GWRSA thank you very much for welcoming us!

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Darts Time

Anytime is a good time to play darts even if you haven’t played them for years. And the proof is Bunny and John. Excellent game today between Betty, Bunny, John and Rene with a culpa and a biscuit in between 🙂


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Annual Bowling Competition

We played our Annual Bowling Competition today.

The players included Gerry, John, Dennis, Harry, Reg, Kay, Meg, Joy, Barry, James, Peter, Joanna with support from Claire, Rene, Ethne and Clorin who watched the games. Last year the residents knocked out staff during the heats (!); this year James, Barry and Peter had very good games. We will announce the winner and will have the handing over of the trophy to this year’s winner next week so watch this space. Gerry could not stop himself from moving the chairs back onto the terrace after the game – thank you Gerry!

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The bowling Club Welcomes John and Peter

Today, the bowling club welcomed officially John and Peter. Peter drew with Reg and John won against Sylvia. Both John and Peter who joined our social club enjoyed the game and the company of Gerry, Rene, Harry, Dennis, Gerry and Reg and continued over lunch on the upper terrace with a glass of beer shandy! Thanks to John our garden got a shower of well needed water

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Wednesday’s sun

We enjoyed the amazing afternoon. Morning, although colder allowed residents to go for walks. Singing for the brain as usual, gardening, enjoying others company and bowling just before supper 😀

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