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Flowers and gambling….

A super afternoon with beautifully arranged flowers and some competitive card games! Sue looked glamorous with a flower in her hair

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Musical Waves in the Indian Autumn Air

The effect of the physical setting (garden, terrace, pond, water, colours, sunshine, shade, own space, coffee, cake, friends, family) and that of sang music on a lot of people continues to amaze us. This afternoon was no different. Tom assumed the position of the lead singer next to Bruce and Claire sang beautifully with her strong and perfect voice. Friends and family joined too! Ethne loves the warmth of the sun, the atmosphere and the music.

Perfect day combined with blackberry picking trips, walks, reading library books, hanging washing, coffee and cake on the terrace…………

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Drama Club……..

The well attended Drama Club has adopted recently a theme of people selecting a name for themselves ideally starting with the letter of their name and today we continued with the team’s creativity. Also, there has been  ‘A positive Thought for the Week Ahead’ . We noted them again.  They speak for themselves.

drama club members

drama club



Time for BBQ

It was wonderful to see everyone in the garden today for yet another BBQ in the shade of our beautiful weeping ash and the cedar tree.

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Cold and rainy morning……

does not necessarily mean we have nothing to do. Reading, crosswords, Boogle (word game), Puzzles and shuffleboard. And for those looking for more there was still the fitness class with Mick 😀

The two questions to be answered are: which is the better way of ‘shoving’ discs in shuffleboard – flicking with fingers or shoving with your hand? Is this merely a game of luck or skill? Rene and Reg could not agree today. Today’s results were Reg won against Rene and Joanna, Rene won against Meg, and Meg won against Joanna.

Harry and Dennis got completely engrossed in Boogle which they first started playing with Gemma and continued for a good while on their own. 

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