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Is this Naomi’s time?

What a wonderful choir session with Naomi. The singing voices carries across the building and when I popped in everyone had a wonderful time.

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Marion loves music – disco dancing on Wednesday, country on Fridays, choir singing with Naomi, and seems to know the lyrics of the all time classics. Music brings sparkle to her eyes. Our sociable morning tables seem also to go down well with Marion.

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Sherry, nibbles? Is this a party?

Just our weekly musical quiz with John. Why not!

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Ohh the technology……. all is on order

after few hiccups with downloads and several lost photos we are back in business and on the blog. With great weather and sometimes too much heat we have been very busy last week not doing very much at all looking after our beautiful garden and mini-zoo, the sun and the company, and of course talking the walks.Bliss……

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