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Sometimes things just flow….

One of our new residents loves the garden and this afternoon I found her on the terrace watering some of the flower pots. The sweet peas had flowered profusely and so I suggested we pick them together.  After we picked them, she took them into the lounge and showed them around to the residents in the lounge. The fragrance is very specific and many residents instantly recognised it and enjoyed the experience.

We sat down at one of the dining room tables where another lady was sitting quietly, somewhat subdued. A couple of vases were brought out and as we we arranged the flowers one of the gentlemen joined us and helped us with the flower arranging, picking out specific flower colours to order. After a couple of minutes the subdued lady  started to sing quietly and the gentleman commented on her beautiful singing voice. With this encouragement the lady sang a little louder and soon the four of us were singing the old songs together. This in turn brought another lady over who simply loves to sing. We brought out the Rose Lodge song books and had ourselves a proper singalong.

What started out with one resident watering the flowers ended up as a flower arranging and signalong ‘activity’ involving four of the residents. This was more like ‘people living together’ than an organised ‘activity’ and it was just how it should be: perfect.

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