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Care homes produce a LOT of food waste, both raw and ‘off the plate’. Like most homes we have been recycling this through the council collections, and this involves lots of blue bins standing outside for up to a week causing smells and mess, and of course ‘waste miles’. A month or so ago we invested in four ‘hotbin’ composters so that we can turn our food waste into garden compost which will be jolly handy for our vegetable and flower gardens. When they are working properly they get up to 70 degrees celcius and at that temperature they work 30 times faster than a normal compost bin. All we have to do now is to get them to work properly.  Tony at Hotbins has given us advice about how to make them work properly in our environment and so we will try that. We will let you know when we start selling our ‘finest Rose Lodge potting compost’

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