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Rediscovering the television

Perhaps you have seen this youself: You walk into the lounge of a care home. The TV is on, showing a children’s programme. Residents sit around, staring at the walls. You just know the TV has been on continuously withouth anyone changing the channels.

Why have a TV at all ?

When we asked our residents about the TV, they told us that they do like to watch the TV, but mostly in the evenings, after their support. For many of our residents, watching TV in the evenings was very much part of their routine, and marked the end of the day for them. We make an exception for big events such as the recent World cup and Wimbledon of course.

So we have rediscovered our TV as a useful tool to help our residents keep track of where they are in the day. Now we tend to only put the TV on after supper and we try and show programmes that people are interested in (news, soaps, sport, wildlife and history programmes, and films particularly Westerns!).

We did consider getting ourselves a fancy new flatscreen TV but for most of our residents that would just be confusing as their memories are of big bulky TVs.

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