So what is the fuss about fitness?

Amazing and funny leader, fun and banter, and for extra benefits moving the joints we really use…… leaving everyone feeling energised. The challenge is for staff to keep up with the residents! Once a week, every week

Panto-time at Rose Lodge

Oh no you don’t, Oh yes we do!
We all had a great time.


We all have our own rituals and routines that no matter what, we stick to them. I need two large coffees in the morning to get going, for many a book and a newspaper every late morning is what doctor prescribed

No man is an island

…. indeed. Sometimes like in a flash you meet someone who listens and hears, who understands you and makes you feel at ease. Sometimes it takes a little longer and when it happens the world is a different place.

Our library corner…….

Perfect place to read, chat, have a coffee or knit.