Our new ‘gallery’

Our entrance hallway and dinning room got a face-lift today with new pictures. The ‘gallery’ was well received by everyone. Universal images create opportunities for wonderful interactions between people and  invite reminisce. So we found that Helen’s mother is a photographer fascinated by sunsets from her home with sea views, Dennis loves the sunset and the woodland, Meg also likes the sunset and has pictures of sunsets. Harry loved humour in the seaside trio and the pictures of nature also brought memories of his grandfather who was an artist painting nature. Rene was quick to pick the picture of seaweed on sand and that brought memories of making nettle soup during war times; Doreen picked the detail of the flower picture we did not notice (but then she is an artist). Everyone loved the humour of the seaside trio and picked different details they found amusing.



  101_1075 101_1082 101_1080 101_1076 101_1089 101_1087 101_1086 101_1083


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