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Specialist dementia carpets at Rose Lodge

This week saw the arrival of our wonderful new carpet which has been laid in the lounge, dining room, and the back hall. The carpet is specially designed for people living with dementia – it has a low pattern and is soft on the feet as well as being cleanable. By having the same colour in those three areas it helps the residents to move freely around the home, as we and others have observed that people with dementia can sometimes be reluctant to walk across changing carpets.

Why did we get new carpets ? Well carpets can have a profound impact on the quality of life of people with dementia. 

  • The length of pile is important. Too high a pile, and people can find it hard to use mobility aids such as Zimmer frames. Too short and it can increase the likelihood of injury when someone falls.
  • The patterning is also important. Some people with dementia can find it hard to work out what they are seeing when a carpet is highly patterned and this can make them nervous about walking around.
  • Changes in carpet, and carpet separating strips can be very confusing for some people with dementia, making them reluctant to cross the two carpets, so effectively imprisoning themselves in one part of the home.
  • Carpets should be cushioned so that the impact of any falls is reduced.
  • Carpets need to be cleanable and vigorously cleaned to maintain a sense of dignity – who wants to live in a place with dirty carpets ? Unfortunately many homes avoid these complications by using a vinyl type flooring in some parts of the home, which inevitably ends up looking quite institutional and anything but homely.

Our view is that people with dementia deserve the same homely comforts that we all deserve, and that includes great carpets.

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